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It wasn't the dark itself that bothered her. What could be bothersome about the absence of light? It didn't inherently alter the world: all of the physical objects were still in their places, it was just that they were no longer visible. Yet there was something undeniably sinister about the dark. That absence of light that meant everything should stay the same somehow meant that anything could change. Anything could happen in the dark; God only knew how many accidents had happened in the dark. The dark, it seemed, far from being an absence of something, was in fact a presence of some shadowy, formless thingcapable of causing any number of terrible catastrophes. She had initially, of course, been afraid of the dark as a child, before outgrowing that fear as a young adult. Upon becoming a mother, however, she had circled back to that time of fear of the unknown, taking on the same fears her daughter held along with many more; all of which centered on the loss of her child. She unquestionably knew that this time, the fear would not be outgrown.

Created: Apr 17, 2014

Tags: collab, fiction, the dark, writing

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