Triabulator Conspirator A - Rawish

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I finally made my half of this comedy sketch. I told wunderboy that I would do it back in 1874 and it has taken me a few attempts to land at the right point in time with this semi-raw footage.

Presumably wunderboy will now shoot the part for Conspirator B. I'd like to take a crack at editing the two pieces together. Of course, everyone is welcome to upload your own version of either character or do a combined edit.


It's harder than I expected to do half of a dialogue without the other person. It turned out okay but I had to do multiple takes which is why there are cuts. Those won't be evident as we cut back and forth between characters.

The green screen effect will work but I should have taken the time to iron the damn fabric. An agressive key will still blow it out. I'm not sure how my glasses will look in that process. I thought they fit the character, though.

I was going to for an after work, kind of scruffy, nerd. Too bad my pocket protector doesn't show! I was so happy with it, too. You can kind of see it in the still shot I made.

The sound and color can probably be tweaked in the final edit. I operated under that assumption.

Thanks to DevinLevi for the script!

Created: Apr 17, 2014

Tags: sketch comedy, insanity, comedy, nerd, invention, devinlevi, green screen, time travel

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