Dark Contrasts

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These are just thought ramblings. 

People always talk about light, "my light" -- a light that physically radiates from a person's aura. A light that takes the place of the sun and them, the planets, revolve around this warm, comforting glow. Their life could have been a sealed, windowless room and they, on the inside, wouldn't even know that they were trapped until their "light" opens that theoretical door. "My light, my hope" -- the light that represents a better...

Wouldn't the opposite also hold true, the other person in the binding relationship? With "my light", can't I also have "my dark"? Someone whose presence doesn't emit light, but instead absorbs? Instead of surrounding yourself in another's protecting glow, you, instead, feel empowered because the glow emits from you. Black contrasts any color -- it highlights them. Even a dull grey can be "light" against a black background. "My dark, my peace" -- the dark that evokes a stirring, but ever secretive feeling of superiority and peace. A contentedness of your direction of life, relationship, and way of the world...

"My life, my hope" and "my dark, my peace" If you were in both of these partnerships, which would you enjoy more? Which would be the more powerful, fueling feeling?

Created: Apr 17, 2014


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