The Tunnel (rough draft)

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For most of my teen years I have been depressed. I describe it as tunnel, my life is the tunnel. The tunnel is imposibly long and dangerously dark. Every so often there is a light, things that make me happy that make the tunnel less scary and more bearable, even enjoyable. The lights came in diffrent brightnesess and shined for diffrent lengths as I travel down the tunnel. Sometimes the lights are too dim or not there and it gets harder to keep going down. I have to tread carefully, watch my step so I don't trip. I have wanted to just stay in the tunnel, give up my journy down the tunnel and stop there. I have tried to stop. Seems like when I try my best to give up a dim light comes on and I can see my path again. 

The reason why it is a tunnel because tunnels have an end, even imposibly long ones. I still havent found the end, but I will keep looking. I'm never going to get out of the tunnel unless I keep going and it better be fucking beautiful.


I would really appriciate feedback on how I can make this better. Thanks!

Created: Apr 17, 2014


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