Things That Go Bump in the Night (short script)

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Narrator: The dark. The dark is usually a metaphor for a state of not knowing, of ignorance, of not having the full picture. And why are we scared of the dark? Because, what is scarier than the unknown? It could be anything there in the dark! Tigers! Aliens! Zombies!! Zombie Alien Tigers!!!! (Chattering teeth, little nail bits flying everywhere as a sillhouetted figure huddles in fear, biting its nails.)

Narrator: In fact... (slight whimpering) is there something over there? (A shot of complete darkness)

No, over there! (More darkness. Louder whimpering) 

No, no! Over there! I am sure I heard something over there! (A muffled snuffling, snarfling, eating sound. Complete darkness. Silence. Suddenly a scream! Running feet! A loud bump!! Groaning!)

(Lights come on. It is a normal backyard. A man lies in front of his very large grill, groaning. A surprised dog resumes eating a forgotten hamburger bun. The lady of the house leans out the back door, calling "George? Are you alright? I just heard a loud thump and I know you fell asleep in your lounge chair out there.")

Narrator: Well, so often it turns out that the things that go bump in the night are just us. (Crickets chirp, the scene recedes.)

Created: Apr 17, 2014

Tags: needs animation, the dark, humor, dark, short story, script, fiction

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