Specialness of Ordinary (theme idea)

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The Specialness of Ordinary

Ok, so what do I mean by that? I mean why not create a series of RECs that celebrate the things we get to have that make life special? You know, those things that we all (mostly) get to experience, so they are ordinary, but yet are what make having this life worthwhile (so they are darn special).

A hug from your mother (child, husband, friend)
The sound of a cat purring
The blue, blue sky
The taste of the sea
A warm shower on a cold morning
Drinking from your favorite mug
I like this theme because there is a lot of room in it. And it is positive, and accessible to everyone. I feel like the push of it could be along the lines of how amazing it is that we each one of us get to be the only one who experiences our life. No one else gets to be you, to know your spouse/mother/children/brothers/friends in the way you do, to look through your eyes. But the mystery is how every other being gets to have that same special unique experience. It's like snowflakes, sure they are all frozen water, but everyone is unique and that is pretty cool.

Ok, reading backmover that, I'm not sure it makes sense totally, but hey it's just an idea, right?



Created: Apr 16, 2014


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