The Forbidden (poem)

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"Don't you do it!"

I scold myself every morning.

I warn, threaten, and list the consequences.

"You know what will happen!"

Eventually there's a compromise-

limits and ultimatums...guidelines.

In the end, permission is granted- every time!

"You know you shouldn't be doing this...

but I must check my mail- my messages."

Facebook, twitter, and Instagram-

Definitely no time for that!

Well, let me just see what they're up to-

just for a moment...a minute- relax!

"Oh, that's clever- I must like & share.

It's lunch time already- you must be kidding!

Where did the hours go? 

Time isn't fair.

I haven't even checked the news- local or worldly.

Oh, that story reminds me-

I must jot that down.

a sentence or two... a paragraph-

I might as well finish it now.

Way too long for a poem....a short story?

Chapters 1 & 2.

The house, the chores, the pets-

all beckoning, "We're still waiting for you!"

Well, it's too late now.

Besides, my head hurts

and my eyes are burning.

Creativity is a brutal beast-

the process is all-consuming.

Created: Apr 16, 2014

Tags: creativity, writing, poetry, forbidden

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