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Different languages all around the world

Words for meanings

Uncoded languages

Codes (To keep secrets) A secret language

Learning languages

French, the language for love (that’s what it is said…)



Foreign Languages

Voice actors for dubbing movies/tv series/songs/etc…

Esperanto (Making an unique worldwide language)

The same story in different languages / The same song in different languages

Unique expressions in only a language

Strange /Foreign Accents

Culture meanings through words

Words without translation

Which was the first and oldest language?

Communication without words (gestures)

Sign language

I have no words to tell you how I feel

Lost words

Love letters

Sending traditional postal letters

Pen-friends / Pen-pals (Postal friends)

Language barriers

Grammar and orthography (like mine, which is pretty bad, I’m really sorry…)

Personal diaries

Writing backwards


Art typography

Bad language

Created: Apr 16, 2014

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