Conceptual Self Portrait: Wish Granted

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RLP#36 - CONCEPTUAL SELF PORTRAIT (S.P. taken via iphone)

Yesterday, my Poem a Day was this haiku: A Wish (basically a wish that the rain clouds produced tiny marshmallows instead). Well I got my wish!

But apparently I have the power to turn the marshmallows back into rain (because rain IS important afterall) :)

This RLP was by far my favorite one to take. I have never been a huge fan of selfies, so thank you for introducing me to the Conceptual Self Portrait. These I can def get on board with and have thought of so many ideas for the future :)

That being said, I have absolutely no idea how I actually created this visual (as far as how I did this in PSE) I really wish I had taken notes or something because honestly I think this was pure luck... For this visual I used 3new and 2old photos to create this one new photo.

Thanks for the challenge MarieBee (can you believe we are at 36weeks?!?!)

Created: Apr 16, 2014

Tags: storm clouds, high-res, marshmallow, photograph, fantasy, staged, buttercups, portrait, gray skies, nature, dress, conceptual self portrait, playing pretend, outside, rlp#36, heels, super heros, powers, rain clouds, field

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