Swimming Collab

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- A GIRL and BOY play by the lake. The BOY slips and falls into the water. The GIRL waits, but her friend never resurfaces. 

- His body is never found. A memorial is held around an empty grave. But the GIRL knows her friend is still out there somewhere…

- She resolves to go and find him. She builds a mechanical whale.

- One night she slips out of her bed, and down to the water. Her mother realises she's missing, but it's too late. The GIRL and her whale plunge into the lake...

- The rickety whale slipped further and deeper down, slipping into the dark navy abyss that held the GIRL’S best friend. She clutches to her mother’s necklace, something she had gotten for her birthday the previous year that she had never left the house without.

- She watched as the other sea creatures passed her creation, curiously watching the wooden mammal make its way down into the inky sea. The girl looks curiously out of the whale’s eye, which acts as a window.

- A shadow darts across her field of view.

- She felt her whale shudder, sending her backwards. The GIRL gets up, obviously frightened, shaking.

- The whale had begun to fall apart, water was beginning to flood her vessel.

- The water is just barely touching her toes now, but it is enough to make her panic.

- It was falling apart faster than she had time to get it back together again, sending water up into the hull of the submarine she worked so hard on. She tries to cover up the hole in her ship, but to no avail.

- Another hole is torn in her ship, but now on the other side, and bigger. This hole is about the size of half her head, sending more water, faster now into her ship.

- She watches as a human hand tears another board from her ship, sending more and more water into the ship. The water is now up to her waist, and is raising quickly.

- She watches as more and more shadows dart along the now apparent tears in her work. The ship is half gone now, the tail torn to bits.

- She feels the water leak into her lungs as she tried to gasp and scream at the sight of the silhouettes of these creatures, now apparent as the whale sunk lower, the moon’s light unable to reach farther than the backs of these creatures as they played with the boards of wood. One creature is clearly outlined, one with a pot on his head.

- Screen goes to black, just as this creature begins to swim at the GIRL.

- The GIRL opens her eyes. She’s laying on a rock above shore, staring up at the stars, somewhere far from home. She is filled with fear as she realizes that she isn’t in her room. She feels a hand touch her arm, and shocked, she pulls back, instinctively rushing backwards.

- The BOY surfaces, only up to his torso visible.

- The GIRL uncurls, allowing herself to look at the unknown. Realizing that it’s her friend, she is filled with joy. She hugs him, then motions up, saying that they need to get back home, that everyone thinks they’re dead at home.

- The BOY’S smile disappears. He sighs and shakes his head.

- The GIRL displays her confusion. Her eyebrows furrow.

- The BOY exposes the rest of his body, climbing on top of the rock with her. It’s a blue-green fish tail.

- The GIRL gasps, staring in wonder.

- The BOY asks her if she wants to become one too, holding out a bunch of sparkling seaweed in a clenched fist. The girl nods graciously, taking the seaweed and eating it. Her face contorts. The seaweed tastes bad, and she spits it out. The boy laughs, looking at her as if he understands what she’s going through.

- The GIRL is illuminated, her skin is beaming in the darkness of the night. The stars do not shine enough in comparison to her. Her legs become one red fish tail. The BOY takes the GIRL’S hand, and they swim into the darkness.

- The screen goes black. Open on the mother, looking out over the sea. She sighs longingly, wondering where her child and her friend could have gone.

- The GIRL and the BOY, now teenagers, sit on the rocks, hiding from her mother, watching cautiously. The GIRL sighs, as she misses her mother. She goes to wave to her, to catch her attention in some way, but the BOY stops her. He shakes his head.

-The GIRL gazes lovingly at her mother, blowing her a kiss.

- The mother takes notice of the movement near the rocks. She decides to investigate. She gets up and begins to walk over.

- By the time she is there, the only thing visible is the ripples in the water from the splashes made by the GIRL and the BOY swimming away. She sees something shining on the rocks, and leans over to pick it up. This requires quite a bit of effort, as she is older by now. There is obvious strain in her movements.

- She feels it in her hand. She grasps it, and sits on the pier, sighing. It’s familiar, but she can’t remember what it is just by feeling it. She needs to look at it. She turns her hand over and opens her hand. Her necklace that she had given to her daughter is in her hand. It is worn and rusted by now, aged by the many years under the water it has endured.

-She is filled with emotion. She quickly stands, looking out to the horizon. A red tail surfaces, then dips back under water, swimming away from her.


Created: Apr 16, 2014


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