Weeping Willow -Poem

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Weeping Willow

by Ann Hill


The horror of the wind

Blows through my skin

Locked inside of this


Of myself


I try to hide,

To forget

How can I lie

To myself

And ignore my evil deed?


The bleeding heart in

My hands

Is the grievance

I’ve caused

To the ones I love


Thatching this mind

Back together, again

Are the hands of the

Smith, brown eyes  


With the soul of the Hunter

Looking on with

Disgrace, green eyes,

For this place

That her life was taken

By his very own hand


There is something

Brown eyes will never

No, never understand

What green eyes and I

Know to be true


I hide my face

And make my


With the God above

Who sends His love


Even for those

Who hold blood in

Their hands

Under the weeping willow tree


‘Cuz no matter how hard

I try to mend this break

To balance this scale

My evil rings true


And I see my efforts

Are worthless

It’s not what I do

But what He has done

That will bring this

Victory song

Created: Apr 15, 2014


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