Swimming Collab: The Story?

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-The land scenes will be black and white

-The underwater scenes will be colour


- A GIRL and BOY play by the lake. The BOY slips and falls into the water. The GIRL waits, but her friend never resurfaces.

- His body is never found. A memorial is held around an empty grave. But the GIRL knows her friend is still out there somewhere…

- She resolves to go and find him. She builds a mechanical whale.

- One night she slips out of her bed, and down to the water. Her mother realises she's missing, but it's too late. The GIRL and her whale plunge into

>> FADE TO BLACK - The TITLE (>Swimming) appears 

>> SEMI FADE as WHALEbot appears



-GIRL'S WHALEbot is swimming in blackness from opening credits, then slowly things bloom into full colour. 

-Around her we see a lively, bright, beautiful background; different >REAL fish and other sea creatures, all brightly coloured swim around her WHALEbot. 

-Inside WHALEbot, GIRL has picture of BOY taped on one of the walls. She pilots the submarine deeper into water. 

-We see the outside from GIRL's POV. The swimming >REAL fish slowly transform into FISHbots. Everything is mechanical.

-Shots zooms away from GIRL POV and the FISHbots turn back to >REAL fish. This is to show girl's active imagination.

-GIRL drives deeper into the water, and due to increased pressure, the WHALEbot begins to break apart. 

-Deeper water is darker, GIRL is swimming. She is fast running out of air. Her puffed cheeks are slowly turning blue. 

-Just as she is about to black out, an arm grabs her leg. In shock she opens her mouth. GIRL blacks out.


-GIRL wakes up in semi-darkness. Her eyes struggle to adjust to the dim light. 

(Light coming from Angler Fish used as bulbs maybe?)

-A face is forming in front of her, as blurriness clears, face is revealed to be BOY

-GIRL jumps up and moves to touch BOY when she realizes she in something like a glass tank. A large version of an aquarium oxygen pump is providing her with oxygen. She is dry and all around her tank is water.

-She is scared and she presses her hands against the glass. Her eyes begging BOY to explain. 

-BOY takes two steps back and shows himself fully. BOY has a tail. BOY is a merboy. 


-Every year during the month of the HIGHEST tide, the landlubbers have a celebration. A tradition that has carried on for years. They celebrate the sea that gives them food.

-During this celebration, the mermaids and mermen can form legs and step out into the water. They can stay on land for only that single complete lunar cycle (from full moon to full moon). 

-BOY also steps out. Meets girl. They become friends. Short fun scene where he finds the >SAUCEPAN and puts it on his head as a joke.

-BOY can feel his time running out, his legs bucking each night that he stays on shore. 

-On his last possible day, he fakes a tumble and returns to the sea.


-GIRL is crying. She screams and cries. She speaks of her pain. <'I thought you died!'>

-BOY is sorry. 


-GIRL <'What now? I came to take you back home.>

-BOY explains that she must return alone. He will take her. She cannot stay. She needs to stay on land, where she belongs. She will die here. 

-GIRL is sad, but understands. Asks if he will return to land ever again. 

-BOY says he can't. It will become too complicated. It will be hard to explain. The landlubbers do not know about the merpeople, they may not understand. They may get scared. It is better to just forget.

-GIRL is sad, but once again understands. She asks BOY to carry her home. 

-Near the surface of the water, he lets her go. They hug and she resurfaces.


-MOTHER is bawling at the brink of the water. GIRL surfaces and there is a moment of huge shock but MOTHER overcomes it. They hug, cry and MOTHER kisses GIRL. 

-GIRL tells MOTHER all she saw and experienced. MOTHER does not believe a word, neither do the onlookers.

-Someone fishes out a cardboard box fashioned to look like it had a tail. The words >WHALEbot are scribbled on it in bleeding letters. 

-Audience wonders if it is all a lie.

-GIRL does not push the matter of her honesty. She remembers what BOY said, it is better to just forget.

-GIRL and MOTHER walk back home, GIRL has a towel wrapped around her. 

-As scene fades to black, something in the water bubbles. A >SAUCEPAN floats up, pauses and then bobs down. A possible silhouette of a tail is shown for split second



Created: Apr 15, 2014

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