I Saw You...No, I Saw You First (SFAFF Synopsis)

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FILM: I Saw You...No, I Saw You First 
RELEASED: February/2003


Presented in reverse chronological order, I Saw You…No, I Saw You First is the romantic comedy that is said to have “stomped on all romanticized clichés of the past and present.” Edgar (John Herbert), a comic book artist, and Elena (Tina Michaels), Edgar’s Guardian Angel, fall out of love, meet their significant others, and join each other to begin their search for happiness with other people.

Nearly every line of dialogue is subtitled and not spoken, an obscure creative choice made by writer-director Austin Denstein in order to better express what the characters say when they’re not saying anything. This unlove story is full of surprises and will leave your jaw dropped from end to beginning.

Created: Apr 15, 2014

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