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Don’t know why (perhaps because I’m weird) but I always think of 2 as ‘female’ (1 as male)….so anyway as it's the 2nd series I thought what better than an episode about the ‘offspring of 2 :)

BIURNAL – OK – now this got me – I thought this referred to animals that were awake in the day and the night – BUT according to my searches on Google – it isn’t – but there is something called:

BINAURAL BEATS - which apparently refers to some kind of music whereby 2 coherent sounds of similar frequencies are played one to each ear, using stereo speakers or headphones and there are claims it ‘messes with your head’ as apparently listening to them creates effects similar to taking LSD!!! Though there have been claims by alternative medicine practitioners that they can be used to induce meditation and a peaceful state of mind. (This could be REALLY interesting to play with story-wise or sound wise – just so long as we don’t make people watching the show start tripping out!)

BIFURCATION – included because it’s such a wonderful sounding word! – It literally means to divide into 2 parts or branches, or to form a fork – as branches on plants

DYAD - (another cool word!) consisting of two parts – but sounds like an ancient race to me – perhaps an ancient race with the ability to split in 2?

DOUBLE ENTENDRE – ahh a favourite of the British :) we love our double entendres - things with double meanings – most commonly used where something innocent, can be interpreted as something suggestive/sexual in nature.

Eg “My what a big sausage you have”

“I’ve heard Firemen have bigger balls’

Maybe we could do a series of “Naughty postcards” (these were at one time really popular in English seaside resorts & holiday towns – not sure if they still are)

DEUCE – originally a roll of two in dice or the 2 of any suit in cards, but came to be used when referring to difficult and/or bad luck and also sometimes to refer to the devil.

 DUO – as in a group of two

DUET – 2 people performing together DUAL – most often used in terms of control or meanings

DOUBLE – twice as many/much, double as in replica

BIPEDAL – Walking on 2 legs

DUPLICATE – an exact copy of PAIR – 2 matching/same items/things – also couples or mates (animals)

SQUARED – to the power of 2 (multiplied by itself – if my mathc memory serves me correctly) BIANNUAL – twice yearly

BICENTENERY – 200 year anniversary (we had one here recently)

BINARY – used in computer language – literal meaning two apiece, twofold, two by two…

COUPLE – to join together, also often used to refer to lovers

TWAIN – never the twain shall meet – literally old English for 2 entities

DUPLEXITY – composed of 2 parts

DUPLICITY – deception, being two-faced, dishonest, saying one thing while meaning/doing another

DUALITY – being twofold in character – refers to things such as how light behaves as well as people

DUEL – a challenge/fight between two people “I challenge you to a duel sir!” often to defend the honour of a lady or oneself

BICYCLE – cycle with 2 wheels


There are more - but this is already an uber long RECord and I'd like at least 2 (pun intended!) people to read it all <3


Created: Apr 15, 2014

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