A Meeting of Two Souls - An Introduction to the Characters

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Herbert and Isle, the first meeting...

A lonely bird appears on the sky, flying with twig in mouth, disappearing into darkness.

Again and again he flies with twigs, wires, and trash tucked away, clenched in his little beak.

It becomes clear, a nest emerges out of the shadows. A nest housed inside of a cramped dark space. The little bird appears with more bits of wire, disappearing into the dark recesses of his nest cave.

Suddenly, movement.

The twigs and branches begin to rattle. Eventually, they disperse. The whole cave is moving.

The bird, stunned, flew up into the heavens, watching as his architectural conquest crumbled to the grown.

The giant block of metal becomes possessed with life.

The bird’s shock turned to curiosity. What was this behemoth moving beneath my wings? As the machine soldiered on, the bird flew closer.

The machine walked aimlessly. Night after night, day after day. Followed relentless by the bird.

The little bird began to grow accustomed to his new metal curiosity. He took it upon himself say to begin introductions.

He landed on the robot’s shoulder a sung a graceful little song of “hello”. For the first time in days, the robot stopped walking. For just a moment, he was indistinguishable from a statue. Then, slowly cocking his head, he turned to look at his new feathery companion sitting on his shoulder.

Days of wandering alone, the robot didn’t know immediately what to do. But somewhere, in the back of his programming, a little circuit told him this was someone he could trust.

He lit his electronic eyes up at the bird, in a playful sequence.

Upon seeing this, the little bird rejoiced with a little bird dance.

This sealed their companionship. From this day forward, neither left each other’s side.

For the first time in a thousand years, the robot’s solitude was relenquished...

Created: Apr 15, 2014

Tags: fiction, prose, request, story

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