The Rain - Herbert & Isle Story

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// AUTHORS NOTE: I apologise for how depressing the tone of this is but its what came to me. Also, I cried when I wrote this. //


The rain had started again.

Once well oiled joints lumbered and squeaked into movement, no longer a symphony of whirrs but a cacophony of clicks.

Herbert brushed the rust from his eyes again and looked for Isle, who was surprisingly missing from his usually perch on his dented shoulder.

The lenses in his eyes refocused as he glanced around desperately seeking his fluffy friend. He located him looking a little ruffled on the ground, not moving and feathered inch.

The robot gathered him gently in his oversized mitts, still not gaining a response from the owl. Tentatively he nudged him with a finger. Nothing.

His processors whirred for a long time, calculating the chance that Isle would move as time went on.

Then they stopped.

He tucked his friend to his chest and gingerly trudged into the rain.

And fell to his knees.

And let the rain have him.

Created: Apr 15, 2014

Tags: rain, story, sad, fiction, isle, herbert, owl, writing, herbert and isle, prose, the rain, robot

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