Beauty and Terror (Based on Herbert and Isle)

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In their bleak reality

All that remains

Is an unlikely pair

The bird and the machine


The bird

Faced with mortality

Finds itself afraid

Of the uncertainty of death


The machine

Faced with immortality

Finds itself longing

For the end of its existence


Each wanting what the other has

They set out on a quest to change

To defy destiny

To achieve the impossible


The machine

With intellect far beyond a living being

Discovered the secret of life

A way to alter reality through death


The bird

Found no fault in the machine's idea

Blinded by the promise of immortality

Yet with beauty there is always terror


The machine

Gave its life

So the bird

Could live on in its place


The bird

Soon realized that death

Was not something to fear

Loneliness is a fate far worse than death


The bird

Slowly losing all hope

Returned to its friend

Resting on its shoulder for eternity


The bird

Never blamed the machine

The machine had been courageous

It had strength when the bird did not


The bird

Looking down at the machine

Noticed a small button

It said, 'reset'


The machine

Who had faced the horrors of death

Turned to face the bird


The bird

Who had lived a thousand lives

Met the gaze of the machine


The unlikely pair

Seeing the world anew

Realized that their reality

Was beautiful

Created: Apr 15, 2014

Tags: herbert, isle, poem, beauty, story, bird, terror, machine

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