Herbert & Isle: One Last Adventure

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Herbert sat on top of a hill. The hill was miles away from civilization and Herbert was lightyears away from home. Herbert, a last bastion of military prowess from folk of old and planets afar, sat alone. Banished from his battle field, stripped of his weapons and left to rust and rot into the ground. The robot suit was a bohemeth, but inside sat a man who could not leave the suit for fear of death. The atmosphere of his place of exile was too much for his now brittle and weak body. The suit was both a blessing and a curse, alllowing him to easily beat any physical challenge in his way and to live for so many years. But with it he sacrificed contact and he felt devoid of all emotion after all these years inside. Herbert sat on top of a hill, lonely. A bird landed on his shoulder. He didnt notice untill it first pecked on his shoulder and then shouted out "hey!".

Herbert launched himself upwards, some thing that felt like old muscle memory as he immediatley took combat stance ready to strike any foe. "What are you?" he shouted out, his voice electronically distorted by loud speakers he once yelled comands through. He realised all of a sudden what he was looking at. "Hold on, I know what you are. You are a bird!".

Herbert hadnt seen a bird since his days on his home planet, but this bird was nothing special. It could talk, which at first seems great but it was just a clone. The inventors and scientists cloned one bird and modified to talk and deliver mesages. Herbert didnt care why it was here, he just wanted to be alone. The bird began to speak. "Yes, i'm a bird. My name is Isle". Isle, it sounded familiar to Herbert. "What are you?" Isle said. "I'm Herbert". "Little jumpy ey Herbert? whats got you down there?" Isle said. Herbert had no interest in talking to the bird, or anything for that matter. He just wanted to rot there, atop his hill. "Nothing for you to know. You should move on" He said, as he slumped back down. Isle was having none of it. "Well, I can cheer you up there my metal friend. You see, I need someone to take me to the city and you might just do the trick!". "No, just fly on with your little wings". Isle flew down onto his shoulder. "well that looks easy, but i'm afraid that they just dont have the energy to carry me for long. C'mon, it'll be fun right? have yourself an adventure!".

Herbert once loved the thought of adventure and even now he was perking up a little. "And what could possibly be in it for me huh?". "Oh im sure it will be worth it!" Isle shouted. "Look at the world around you and imagine where you could go! You look like you could use a service yourself, all that rust showing up". Herbert was oddly elated by the thought of an adventure, but he new that whatever they found in this civilization would reject him. He was unnatural in his robotic skeleton and likely to die without it. "I cant, I wont be accepted anywhere. just look at me, do I look like anything natural?". Oh dont be all soppy there my cast iron comrade! I can see it in you, battling through the elements as approach the city, making friends and crushing enemys. You look like you'd love it".

Herbert was interested. "One last adventure. you have a deal bird". Isle was extatic. "I promise it will be worth it, Oh thank you a million times thank you! And my name is Isle, not bird." Herbert stood up from his hill. His legs were stiff and he found it hard to move at first, but he kept on moving. He felt free, like nothing had put him there in the first place. He felt good.

(Side note: This would be the opening few minutes of the film serving as an act 1 to the script. The rest of this text record will be in the from of a shorter treatment)

The two characters would then begin to work together to get to the city, Isle as a navigator and Herbert as the relentless and unstopable force pushing through anything. They encounter obstacles on their journey, such as an ocean filled with sharks, a large and crumbling cliff face and a large maze full of large creatures. On this journey Isle gets to see a true glimpse of what Herbert is capable of when he almost kills a human they encounter on their journey. This makes Isle afraid of Herbert and flees, but when Isle is attacked by a large cheetah like creature, he is saved by Herbert. Isle decides to stick together when Herbert says that sometimes you need a little strength. 

Once the two reach civilization, which is a large metropolis sitting inside a giant glass dome, Isle flies of and leaves Herbert to be greeted by the humans who live within. They give Herbert the chance to step out of his robotic suit once more and he gratiousley accepts. He is pulled out and taken to a hospital to be healed (he hasnt used his real legs in a long time). After a while, Herbert has seemingly forgoten about Isle. The humans come to Herbert with the offer of destroying the suit once and for all, freeing him from it at last. He is about to accept when Isle comes flying through the window with some kind of cabel. Isle claims that he needs the suit and rushes Herbert down to where it is stored. Isle plugs the cabel into himself and the suit and he opens up. A hologram image shows up of a man calling himself Dr. Isle. Dr Isle tells him that he needs to come back and that the bird is his way. His home planet of earth is being destroyed and the robtic suit, now one of the last of its kind, is neede to fight of otherworldy attackers. Isle closes up and reveals that it was his purpose all along. Herbert takes some convincing from Isle but eventually decides to go with Isle back home for a new adventure.

Created: Apr 15, 2014

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