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I thought I would give a little pretense to this free-verse. I have always loved musicians like Simon & Garfunkel and James Taylor. I shut my eyes and dream of the places that there songs can take me too. They, and of course quite a few others, are the reason I wanted to become a song writer. I like to collect verses as they hit me over time. I make connections with the stories that I see in my own life. Sometimes its a whole song and sometimes they are exerpts of feelings or memories like this one.




I dream of men who speak like bards.

They dig deep and pull words from the flesh,

Like farmers tending earth for weeds.

Sing me the stories of pain, of triumph, and loss.

Tell me of your scars now bleached from years of the harsh sunlight.


Does it hurt to open up those wounds?

I can you feel the sting on the tips of your fingers

And taste the copper on your tongue.

Does the deep pink flesh surprise you?

That same flesh that was once white and new,

That once twinged and ached.


Help me to open up my own?

I look deep in your eyes and breathe in your words,

Feeling my heart beat.

I want to let go when you look at me.

Hanging on every note and phrase.


But, with that last chord I let go of you.

Realizing that morning has come.

Knowing that your memories are my own.



Created: Apr 14, 2014

Tags: confidence, free-verse, heroes

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