I am

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I am tall
I am short
I am handsome
I am a troll
I am thin
I am fat
I am happy
I am sad
I am a pile of mud
I am piece of clay
I like everyone
I hate me
I am lovable
I am miserable
I want to be alone
I need friends around
I want to be happy
Sadness cripples me from all around
I want to cry out for help
But everyone is deaf
I want to write something smart
But I am dump
I want a better life
I have already booked my coffin in the cemetery
I want a perfect body
I enjoy eating to much
I want to stop judging people
But they stare at me so hard it makes my head spinning wild
I wish I was a better person
I really do but I am not
I have seven different personalities fighting on who is going to be the dominant one
1)an alcoholic
2)a smoker
3)a priest
4)a sinner
5)a reader
6)a lunatic
7)and a healthy freak
I am ready for family and children and everything else society has in store for everyone of us
I don’t care of what society things
I don’t care about what you think
I just want to live my life
So everything been said and done I am all the above but to tell you the truth they are a complete and absolute lie I don’t really know how I am what is my purpose in life and I do things the way I do and things happen the way they happen why did all friends disappear like leaves taken by a cold winter wind.


Created: Apr 14, 2014

Tags: free-verse, poetry

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