herbert & isle

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Isle was flying
and landed on herbert
"hello, my big robot friend!", he said
"oh little bird, this is so sad
humanity is gone, everybody's dead
there are no walls, no power chords
nowhere to refill, i mean,
my battery is still new and clean
but in a century or two, I'll shut down...
....on the other hand
much more soon, so will you"
herbert said to the little bird
"I am mortal, soft and gentle,
not made of stone
or steel like you
I do easily get ill.
But I'm not alone,
I'm Isle, not an isle
my offspring is going to fly around
eating worms and grass
that still can be found
life is short but neverending"
chirped Isle from herberts shoulder
when his mighty hand like a boulder
made mess of blood and feathers
"what an annoying bird" said herbert

Created: Apr 14, 2014

Tags: dialogue

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