claustrophobie (SFAFF postcard)

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RELEASED: April, 1999

The screenplay for claustrophobie was considered unfilmable by all but director Francine Bisset. The deeply surreal and dreamlike film was based on a short story by acclaimed existentialist philosopher, Réal St. Viateur, and adapted by his grandson, Marc. Marigold (Mercedes Tagaq) can speak in a world that is devoid of sound. She embarks on an often disorienting trip through postapocalyptic France, as she searches for other auditeurs. The only sounds made in the entire film are by Marigold herself - and a meancing force that seems to be stalking her. The film received several awards for innovation and for its surreal cinematography, but it never found an audience outside of the festival circuit.

Created: Apr 14, 2014


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