This Body, These Bones (Poem Every Day: 13)

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A chorus of beartraps

Set to

Take the skin

Right off my feet


But this body, these bones

Have left me no place else to go

My body, my bones

Are cared for with little hope


A choir of canaries

Left to

Sing that hope

Right out of my heart


But this body, these bones

Can't hear love in your tone

Your body, your bones

Can't tender these river stones


A band of thieves

Trying to

Steal the gold

From your empty veins


But this body, these bones

Are trying to wrap around yours

My body, my fragile bones

Felt this as love, not chore


A museum of pockets

Asking for

The coin with the saint

To bring me back home


But this body, these bones

Aren't mine, they are loaned

Your body, your bones

A love I want, a love I never owned


Those bodies, those bones

I am a ghost, one of many clones

Your body, your bones

Bones that will kill me once another man owns


Created: Apr 14, 2014

Tags: poem every day, love, bones, poem, body, bodies, thirteen, poetry

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