Herbert & Isle- The End (story)

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Herbert loved his friend, Isle, but what he loved even more, was watching Isle and his friends fly. It was something he could not do. Even if there were anyone left to tinker with him, he was such a heavy, clunky machine, he knew he would never achieve flight- not the graceful, elegant style of Isle and his friends. Of course, Isle thought it silly that Herbert was jealous of something that came so naturally to him- so mundane.

"And to think you'll live forever, yet you envy me.", Isle would say, amazed.

"What good is it to live forever when you know that you will never get what you want. To know that to even try would be in vain."

It saddened Isle when his friend would talk this way and although his first instinct was to fly away during times like this, he wouldn't. He knew that would be insensitive and seeing him fly away would only serve to deepen his already depressive state.

It was close to Isle's sunset when he decided to talk with his flock. He knew that soon simple things would start to get harder for him and he wanted to do something for his friend before he was gone.

Herbert had always been there for him, making his life easier whenever possible. Finding food and sheltering him during the harsh winters. It was time he did something for Herbert, but he would need help.

When the day came, the flock descended on Herbert, while he was trudging along in an open field. It took every bird from miles around to grab hold of his metallic frame with their tiny feet.  This took Herbert by surprise and at first he panicked, not understanding what was happening, but calmed once he heard his friend's soothing song.

They soared higher and higher, through the clouds, not realizing they had drifted into a cluster of rain clouds, into violent thunderstorm.

The flock couldn't hold on to Herbert and he fell towards the earth, Isle trailing close behind.

Herbert lay in pieces, broken on the ground.

"Oh Herbert, I'm so sorry." Isle wept next to him.

"For what?", Herbert said, as he lay dying.

"I couldn't hold on." Isle said between sobs.

"That's okay, it's better this way- I couldn't have spent forever without you."

Isle stays with his friend, and snow begins to fall. Eventually they are both completely covered with snow. Time passes and spring finally arrives. We see the field now overgrown with grass and the camera zooms in to where there is a nest with newly hatched babies. The nest is built in the head of Herbert...life goes on.

Created: Apr 14, 2014

Tags: story, fiction

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