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The relationship of these two characters from a visual stanpoint reminds me of nature where hippos have the oxpecker bird that rests on it and feeds off bugs and other potentially harmful things would land on the hippo's hide. A short film around these two characters seems like it would be most effective as a quiet, contemplative character relationship piece that illustrates how these two seemingly mismatched characters relate to one another and on a larger scale how the artificial and the natural can coexist.

I don't think you need too much explanation about what circumstances brought a giant robot to this place. No need for a lengthy prologue that details the decline of man and a robot apocalypse. As we open we simply find the robot where he is and no longer with any tasks to do. If in fact he was created to eliminate mankind and mankind no longer exists, what does a robot have to do?

When the bird lands on him, it awakens him. It's an outside stimuli and he's prepared to respond. Upon determining it is not a threat or part of his original programming the robot may simply ignore his new guest. The robot may try to move to simply escape this unwanted pest, but the bird will follow. Ultimately, the robot wll realize there is no way to escape the bird and simply allow him to perch.

The robot would then start to observe his de facto friend and catalogue the bird's many activities including escaping from some other part of nature that threatens the bird like a predator. Then one day, this predator attacks the bird and the robot intervenes. The robot frightens off the threat and saves the bird. It is this breakthrough moment when the two become friends and when the robot has a problem it is not equipped to handle, the effort of a tiny bird will help him.

The story could be a simple series of interaction that lead to a deeper relationship for both bird and machine. Alone they were isolated and alienated from their own environments, but together they form a partnership/friendship.

The actual details of events and outcomes could be further worked out, but I see those animations and images and inspires a potential storyline such as what I just described above.

Created: Apr 14, 2014

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