Herbert & Isle (VO text)

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He was the brainchild of man, sent to destroy our world

After we’d made our final ascent towards a new home. The human race had ruined this tremendous gift given to us by the universe. So we started fresh. It felt easy: wiping out our guilt for what we’d done to Earth.

He was made to erase every footstep we’d left as proof we were here.

They never expected he might care. They never worried he’d learn. They never thought he could love.

But they were so very wrong.

For Herbert was capable of so much more than his makers dreamed possible.

After a year on our planet, those large metal feet, which stomped around so at the beginning Attempted to tread softly, so as not to disturb the blooming flora.

He developed an appreciation for the horizon, Watched the sunset with such wonder. He would fall onto his back to watch the shooting stars each night With his glowing green orbs for eyes.

When a tiny egg hatched in the hollow of a tree one spring day, Herbert knew: this was magic. To see new life emerge right before his eyes. This was something worth saving. This small, chirping thing in his hands needed protecting.



(just jotting some idea for VO as they're spilling out - I'd like to do this as a voice over, but we'll see...)

Created: Apr 14, 2014

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