Season 2 themes Expectations

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Expectations as a theme. 

We have expectations put on us and what we put on ourselves and others.

The media gives us expectations in what is beautiful, trendy, cool and fun

Advertisers give us expectations that buying into their glossy bullshit we can expect a better life

we expect 15 minutes of fame.

if YouTube is anything to go by I should expect any proposals for marriage to come with a song and dance.

The expectation to have it all, be a modern day woman (or man) is like having to be a superhero.

Expectactions of the latest game or toy etc

We expect a a certain behaviour to have certain consequences (misbehaving sportspeople or celebrities) but often dont. 

tabloid magazines expect famous people to look a certain way and slate them if they don't via public humiliation.

politicians and people in authority are expected to behaviour respectfully but then you have that Mayor Ford guy in Toronto. 



Created: Apr 14, 2014

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