A Texan in New York (PED #14-New York)

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they asked me "how y'all doing?"

i told 'em 'y'all' is plural

they were from New York City

i was Texas rural


i sang 'em a little George Jones

they sang me Frank Sinatra

before it was said and done

we all said, "man, i gotcha"


they took me to Staten Island

Coney Island too

to the top of the Empire State Building

then over to the Bronx Zoo


i was offered a diamond rolex

and all the 'best girls' in town

even the Brooklyn Bridge

although i turned it down


down in subway tunnels

everyone stopped to give directions

they all knew i was from Texas

even that guy with the eye infection


it's funny how the subway at night

turns into another zoo

with creatures strange and exotic

there to entertain me and you


we strolled around Central Park

went clubbing on the Upper East Side

we ate lots and lots in Chinatown

it's like i went to Heaven and died


then we made it to up to Broadway

and the strip joints on 42nd street

everything's strange in New York City

but never a stranger did i meet



Created: Apr 14, 2014


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