re-RECS 04.13.2014

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Imagining imaginary friends having imaginary friends by Sojushots plus Marmite Sammies - Adorable new creations! :)


Mushroom home - Worlds by PrettyWAK - I'm terrified of wild mushrooms, so I'm surprised I'm even re-RECing this, but this a really great shot for WWW.


Self-Portrait by UnknownChese - This is fantastic.


Moon latte by Sam Traorush - Magical and mysterious. I'll take a cup!


RLP No.35:Secret... by belcath1981 - A simple secret that draws me to the eyes.


Manifesto: Money by Anita - a great mixer for the Manifesto.


clicking and connecting by haley.aronow - another nice one for the Manifesto, or anything!


Star Trail by JohnnyCallMe - I really like this simple, vintage-esque, B&W. Another great one I want to REmix soooon. 


Dancing house windows 02 (Patterns) by KatieEitler - So awesome! I hope this image is considered for the Patterns Book. I can't stop looking at it.


RE: Nothing by Jared - I do believe that nothing IS something. Yup.


Felix Ding, What Were You Thinking! - Hilarious and nicely done portrait series, Felix. I dig.


Blue Mountains by Schelly - Wonderful. Everyone of those 50 records of hers are.


Secret World by Laural - Otherworldly good. I HAD to re-REC it. Had to.


juggling ideas by Dotunfolded - What an eye-catching, graphic visual! I'm thinking...Manifesto!


....and a couple of oldies but goodies:


SHINE So I can See You (experimental short) by mushr


Why do I hit RECord by RegularJOE


Bonus: If you know why you hitRECord, check out this collab -- WHY DO I HITRECORD? Collab



Created: Apr 14, 2014

Tags: blue mountains, secret world, imaginary friends, felix ding portraits, marmite sammies, self portrait by unknownchese, rlp no.35:secret by belcath1981, juggling ideas, mushroom home, why do i hit record, star trail, dancing house windows 02 (patterns), moon latte, re: nothing, re-recs 04-13-2014, manifesto: money, shine so i can see you (experimental short), clicking and connecting

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