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It would be interesting to see how you can pull elements of signal inside of a noisy environment in a bunch of different mediums. 

Visually-  Slideshows showing busy envvironment with a moment of serenity (think someone praying in a firefight, a parent hugging a child in a middle of a crowded street, someone jamming out in the middle of a traffic jam).  Just elements that show a calm space in the middle of a caucophany of stuff. 

Sound - Create musical pieces that have a lot of chaotic elements and grounding elements (think Jonsi's "Grow till Tall" kinda stuff)

Documentary/ Performance - Pieces that focus on the life and moments of a person involved in heavy noise scenarios (follow a Bridge and Tunnel Toll person, Stock trader on a floor)..


The idea being to find genuine moments in places that people usually want to turn away from. 



Created: Apr 14, 2014


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