Poem 12: Escape

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In the silence,

Only one thing can be heard:


A heartbeat...

My own...



As every intake of breath grows more shallow.


Pounding it's way out of my ribcage,

As fear penetrates what I had always assumed to be formidable walls.


I run,

Escaping to what seems like the edge of the universe.


When I can travel no farther,


And only then,

Do I allow myself to glance back into the night.


My eyes search for the threat that has followed,

To no avail,

As I am alone.


It occurs to me that,

Maybe what I fear most isn't from an external factor...

Maybe, just maybe,

I am evading... myself.








Created: Apr 14, 2014

Tags: 12, text, poem a day, writing, heartbeat, poetry, escape, poem

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