lost for words (PED #13)

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 I want to write but the words won’t come.

I have nothing to say,

Or too much.

Or at least what I have is of too little value,  

Or else too valuable to be put into words, as is the way with all the best of things.

So instead I’m stuck writing about writing about failing to write

And losing myself in inception; the paradoxical juxtaposition of my mind.

So perhaps instead I’ll ponder tasty words,

Find some phrases to be savoured on the tip of the tongue.

It’d appear I’ve begun already with an alliterative twist

So I’ll turn and watch the world burn in a moment

Of kaleidoscopic bliss as

I sit, sigh, watch and swallow mouthfuls of

Delicious ambiguity

All the time just fringing the edges from sound to meaning

Scrapping for coherency and

Struggling for something, anything to say.  

Created: Apr 13, 2014

Tags: ped, poem, poem every day, lost for words, poetry

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