THEME: Creative Serenity

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CREATIVE SERENITY: the creative state of being calm, peaceful, productive, and untroubled.

What we all do to avoid our humanity, creative serenity.

In this life there are many struggles to overcome and one of the greatest of them all is being human, having both sides of emotion: dark and light, good and evil. Having the strength to balance it all, obtaining the will. 

I truly believe that creative serenity provides balance because what we do to stay sane is basically staying creative. For centuries humans have created and destroyed many things, but understanding serenity and combinding it with creativity brings a whole life together in the balance of existance. 

Creative Serenity is what we are meant to do and become whole with the world, all is all and all is one.


I think ths would be a wonderful idea to look into because this theme, creative serenity, can be physical, mental, spiritual, realistic, fantasy, and more and more. 

Also this idea, in my personal opinion, can be the answer to the significant question, WHAT IS LIFE??? On a relative and personal level, I have dreamt this idea and it has been one of my greatest goals in life to motivate and inspire the hopeless and give them the gift of CREATIVE SERENITY, saving this world that is my home.

Created: Apr 13, 2014


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