Who wants to write a Renga?

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A Renga, or "linked poem," is a type of Japanese collaborative poetry. The first person begins with a 17 syllable "premise" - a haiku (5/7/5) that sets the subject of the poem. The next person writes a couplet (rhyming?) with 7 syllables each. The third stanza goes back to 5/7/5. Then 7/7 couplet, then 5/7/5 and onwards till the end. 

The more closely linked the stanza is to the previous one, the better the poem is considered to be. Stanzas have to come directly from the one above it - nothing vague.

And themes are important: Nature, seasons, love.

They can go on to hundreds of lines. Does anyone want to do one? Who's up for it? I think it could be fun. :)

Created: Apr 13, 2014

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