Passover Giveaway (PED Day 13)

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Today's piece is what I think they call experimental. It's supposed to be fashioned after a craigslist ad.

Like the title says I'm trying to give someone else the privilege of celebrating Passover this year. I'm doing this as part of a cultural exchange program, where people experience my culture in the hopes they'll change their views, but even if they don't I'll get to take the year off.

If you do take this once in a lifetime opportunity you'll get:

I know you're wondering why I'd give all that up and the answer is one dirty word, "FINALS."

Although I should probably also mention that spending too much time with family while being restricted to a diet of basically veggies, meat and matzah doesn't really have me looking forward to this holiday.

Created: Apr 13, 2014

Tags: poem every day, ad, poem a day, holiday, humour, poem, satire, poetry, passover

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