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Aphorisms are pithy and concise observations that contain a general truth.  Usually they are written in a memorable form, so that they become an old saying, dictum or proverb.

My suggestion for a second season theme would be to challenge the many talented writers on this site to come up with contemporary adages about the physical sciences, philosophy, morality or everyday principles.

An example might be:

"You can tell a lot about people by viewing their browser histories."

Sometimes a specific aphorism can have broader applications such as:

"If it looks like spam, don't click on the link."

"A million hits on YouTube doesn't make it smart."

"Sharing a link can't replace conversation."


These don't need to be IT related, but they should convey something of the age in which we live now.


Created: Apr 13, 2014

Tags: theme for second season

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