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This little mythological story take place in ancient Greece, when the people where no different than animals and wondered around the earth, in tribes, eat raw meat and killed each other for the slightest of reason. Come one man that was more than just a man he was a demi-god, and gave manhunt their greatest stepping stone in order to start developing culture civilization, and advance from their near animal state where they where until now into societies with laws and order. His name was Prometheus, and the great present that he gave to man kind was that one of the fire. Fire was the begging of all forms of civilization, fire people started, to advance form a near animal state to the next step of human evolution, they started cooking their meat, they where not afraid of the dark anymore, and all the secrets that it held in its dark hart, they where gathering all together near the fire and create the first villages, the first cities and so on. From that point on they created language, to communicate, and write, and begin to worship Prometheus as the benefactor of the human race. That took out of the dark age into a whole new world, of creation and progress. But this made the twelve gods of the Greeks, crazy and vengeful because they wanted their servants to be underdeveloped and savage and wild, and worship only them. Their anger was so great that they capture Prometheus and gained him to rock where everyday a great eagle would eat a part of his liver, and because Prometheus was a demi-god, his liver would grow again every night, so his suffering would be eternal. Until one day another great semi god and son of Zeus king of gods and ruler of mount Olympus, would free Prometheus, from the gains that his father imprisoned him. So the greatest benefactor of the human race would be free again to give his love his knowledge and wisdom to his beloved humans.

For everyone that wants to know more about Prometheus check for its myth.

Created: Apr 13, 2014

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