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There is nothing better then sitting in the sun.

Drinking coffee with friends

Chatting of everything that ever was that will be and everything that ever are.

Watching beautiful girls passing by, with dresses that looks like flowers

Always under the sun, with a cup for coffee in my hands

You forget all your problems,

You forget what you are obligated to do you

Just sit back enjoy and relax

What are these women that pass by are thinking

This creatures that life look amazing again

What problems are bothering their beautiful heads?

Are they single?

Are they married?

Are they widows

What do they wan from life

What are their needs?

What are their dreams their nightmares

I want to know them all

As they passing by under the sun

And I am sitting here with a cup of coffee in my hand

And chatting with friends about everything that ever was,

Everything that is

And everything that ever will be

Under a great big sun.


Created: Apr 13, 2014

Tags: free-verse, theme

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