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When I write about you, I write it pure.
Even when you read it, you are unsure.

You don't always understand the depth of my mind.
But I dont blame you, Im complicated,
not someone you find.

My mind is a black hole filled with words I want to say.
But whenever I write, its not right, not in any way.

I get frustrated, no one understand the way that I feel.
Even when people take my emotions, a part of me they steal.

I dont get to walk away and tell you that everything is fine.
Because when I turn cold, people will realize,
only in time.

Do not forsaken me, and take me for granted.
I am an idea of someone, in your mind you planted.

So dont let me walk away and shut the door tight.
When my trace is dust, I will disappear from sight.

Floating above the crowd, away from my heart.
That is when my world will close, and my own thoughts will crumble apart.

My door is still open to those who want to know the real me.
But don't break my heart, because my emotions go off, and no one can see.

I hope that one day you understand the complex person that I really am inside.
Maybe you can be my passenger along for the ride.

I promise you one thing which is true.
Our feelings to this day, they always grew.

So here is to us, the love that I have finally found.
Our souls chemically connected, as lovers we are bound.

Created: Apr 13, 2014


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