re:gret - another HRTVS2 theme idea

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...aka, re:regret

Yes, I just made up a word, gret, but you can't strikethrough titles, and the re was there for the using. ;)

My point is, I've been thinking about how much more productive our lives might be if there was no such word as regret. That instead of ever feeling regret we just apologise for our mistakes and move on, using our negative experiences to make better choices as we move forward. How much more mental and emotional strength would we have if we were not wasting so much of it on trying to change the past...and how different would love songs be?!

I think it would be interesting to explore what life without regret would be like for each of us, what things we are holding against others that they may regret, and our potential should we focus forward.

Just thinking. :)

Created: Apr 13, 2014

Tags: season2, theme, season 2 theme idea, hitrecord tv, theme idea, hrtvs2

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