The Garden

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When I was a child I was strange. Even so utterly strange that I never realized just how strange I was.

One day when I was on one of my adventures I came across this place. I studied this dreamy garden as often as I could get away with it.

Little did I know that this dreamy place was the place where I would get my first adult thought.

Among the morning dew , sprinkled like confetti untop of the green grass and half awake candyfloss flowers clinging to the moldshaped columns . This was the place where I would get married.

Even with a perfect man! And bridesmaids. And old friends. Family too. But most of all I would be beautiful like a siren and happier than a glass of xanax .

The only thing I had to do was to become an adult.

So I did and I'm still just as strange.

Now there is just a name for it that a man in a white coat decided for me, buried in several layers of cement , paper work and institutions. Now I only visit the garden when I sleep .

Lucky for me, I am always tired.

Created: Apr 13, 2014

Tags: fantasy, kids, childhood, theme, thoughts, non-fiction, adulthood, growing, adventure, story, dreaming, dream

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