What is Love?

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In Theory of Knowledge we watched the film "Her" and discussed what love really is. "Her" explored virtual and physical intamacy and intelligence. If say, an artificial intelligence can think for itself and learn, can it love? To what extent can love truly be simulated, and would that love be real? How is an artificial brain, modeled after a human brain better or worse than an artificial brain. We noticed that throughout the film, the extras were all walking alone, indicating the solitude in modern society. The interactions between people in the film were awkward and distant, whereas Theodore's relationship with his OS, Samantha was more personal and honest than with humans. What makes his love with Samantha worse than his interactions with the other humans? I must ask you, hitRECord users, have we replaced our physical interactions with imaginary ones or are these interactions real? What can be considered love? Or rather, what can't?

Created: Apr 13, 2014


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