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Film: Towards the Light Release Date: 17/11/2007

Actor turned screen-play writer and hero of the indie film scene, Gordon Turner, makes a clever twist on the traditional time travel adventure in his last and somewhat autobiographical work. Retired engineer James Richards, played by Turner himself, fears himself rather unprepared for the afterlife and, approaching the problem as all logical thinkers would, decides to engineer himself one last, entirely original invention: a cross-life machine. Whether out of love, curiosity or just plain insanity James’ niece-turned-apprentice lands herself, much to the disapproval of her parents, along for the ride. Embark on a heart-wrenching journey from shed towards the light at the end of life and somewhere beyond and fall for the true, unconditional, reciprocal love between niece and uncle. Towards the Light was released just months after Turner's death by Mary Sanderson, Turner’s real-life niece who co-wrote the piece, despite much familial criticism, yet deserving of every award it won.

Too often films are called life-changing but in this case it can be said with true authenticity.

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