Tales of the Book Fairy: Lady Sycamore

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Once upon a time, not so long ago
There lived a fairy named Lady Sycamore,
Oh! She was a beauty with wings of gold,
With emeralds on her neck and raindrops on her toes
But sadly, one day, the lovely fairy lost her home.

There was nothing the other fairies can say,
that can relieve Lady Sycamore of her dismay.
They baked her cakes and danced ballet,
but the pain was still strong as though it had been yesterday,
when in fact two summers had already gone away.

One Midsummer's Eve, 
Lady Sycamore in her grief,
Flew from the safety of the forest's trees
To look for the heart of her Sycamore tree,
Hoping to restore it to the home that it had been.

She searched every nook and cranny,
All night underneath the moonlight gleam.
But soon enough she grew rather tired and sleepy.
Her wings drooped, her large eyes closing.
And thus, she decided to sleep in a deserted human house.
To pass the evening.

* I have yet to finish this :) *

Created: Apr 12, 2014

Tags: poetry

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