Music To My Ears (poem a day)

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Poem A Day #7/ heartbeat


Wet marble floor

Nine months pregnant

It happened so fast

I tried to protect her

She still hit the toilet

Stuck on the floor

Unable to yell for help

My little jumping bean stopped dancing

Not one tiny movement

the entire drive to the hospital

I prayed, begged, pleaded with the Gods

To please let my baby girl be okay

As I lay in the bed waiting for the nurse

The texts with whatever her name was at the time

Were more important

It was my fault

you left the floor soaking wet after your shower

My jumping jellybean still hadn’t moved

The nighttime is when she always danced

and did gymnastics

Finally, the understaffed nurse was able to hook up the monitor.

Two rivers flowed from my eyes.

Music to my ears.

My little jumping jellybean’s heartbeat.

Music to my ears.


****grrrr tried to revise and now my patterned format is messed up


Created: Apr 12, 2014

Tags: fall, jumping jellybean, mother, pregnant, mom, child, heartbeat, poem a day, dancing, hospital, baby

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