Conversational Evolution

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“I don’t think anyone understands me, but you.”


“No, I mean literally. I think our Couples-Speak has gotten out of control, and now no one is able to understand all the weird references and in-jokes I make all the time, except you.”

“Nah, it’s just conversational evolution.”

“Conversational evolution?”

“Our Couples-Speak is participating in natural selection. Think about it…we just eliminate the unnecessary, redundant parts of the conversation, right? The pinky toe of our banter, if you will.”

“But we still have pinky toes…”

“Why repeat the whole joke to each other all the time, when we both know the punchline? Why tell the whole story about my crazy cousin’s shenanigans in Missouri, when we both know the big reveal? Just cut to the punchline—“But why a horse?” Eliminate the pinky toe! We don’t need the damn thing, anyway! Conversational evolution!”

“Mmmm…how did your cousin wind up in Missouri? I mean, I remember the outcome, but I forget how she wound up there in the first place.”

“…I don’t remember.”

“Damn pinky toe.”

Created: Apr 12, 2014

Tags: toe, evolution, joke, dialogue, humor, feet, couple

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