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Scene 1

Mary is lying in bed at a hospital for a unexplained sickness. She has taken a two week leave from work, Amy walks in.

Amy: Mary How have you been holding up in here? It looks comfortable, (Shocked) Mary, you look fucking terrible... let me put this lipstick on. This is the first time I've seen you without it.

She puts the lipstick on her.

Mary: Thank you for your kind words. I've been alright, just trying to relax. The doctors haven't really told me what I have yet... I've been there five times....they still can't tell me nothing. They say they have an Idea. Five times and all they have is an idea...does that sound reasonable?

Amy: Those damn doctors always keeping people in the dark. You better heal fast, besides you, none of those motherfuckers know how to do a damn thing. My best and most informed employee and she is sick as hell, it's a fucking travesty. Hey, you mind if I give my speech that I'm going to give to the girls tomorrow. Just want to get your opinion.

Mary : Sure,(cough) just keep talking, it's so refreshing to hear a voice.

Amy: Here it goes, “I'm so happy all my make-up saleswomen are feeling good. You should feel good, you girls sold exactly 50 products from our make-up collection like I told you to do last month”... ( drops her happy composure.) forget it.

MARY: Are you alright? you seem kind of flustered for some reason.

AMY: Mary earlier today I had to go to Macy's for a big event over there we planned tomorrow. So, I was at the store getting stuff ready for the big event tomorrow. When all of a sudden, while I'm bent over to get something these two men just look at me and start saying stuff like " I like those curves and that ass.. " and the other guy says "She got a nice body but, "

Mary: (Shocked.) These were just two guys walking by?

AMY: I called security on them, they left. Here look in this mirror, how does the lipstick look.

Grabs the mirror and holds it for her.

Mary: Are you okay?

AMY: I'm alright, just kind of caught me off guard. People still talk like that? in 2012.

Mary: Well, I guess that's just how the world is, you can prohibit that type of talk at work but... can't really censor people out in the real world. You know, when stuff like that happens to me, I just try to ignore it. Who cares what a stranger thinks right.

AMY: You ever heard of a "Rape Schedule"?

Mary: "Rape Schedule"?!

AMY: A teacher I once had when I was in college once told me the "Rape Schedule". Have you ever walked very carefully out of some parking lot at night, holding your keys as if it was knife or have ever made an subconscious decision to not wear this dress or put on this perfume to not attract attention. All of this is because of the "rape schedule"

MARY: Maybe that's a little too much, you make it sound like every man who walks around at night is a predator. Studies have shown that most of the time not always, but most of time, the rape is done by a close friend of relative. "Rape Schedule"... since when are actions because of subconscious thinking a schedule?

AMY: Schedule- A plan of work to be done,showing the order in which tasks are supposed to be carried out and the amounts of time allocated to them, hence rape schedule. When you think about it... everything is part of a order, part of a plan... wouldn't you agree?

Mary: A little twisted in your use (cough, cough) of the word, It was just some comments though.

Amy: It starts off just as comments then where does it escalate to? Never anywhere nice, it's always the young ones, this awful "the world is your oyster" and "Everything is up for grabs" mentality that not all, but some men show to the opposite sex.

Mary: Some women do it to themselves though. Taking off their shirt during parties, Mardi Gras... Then again, it is human nature to want some type of attention. Hey come on, when you're young.. you do stupid things, that's how we learn right.

Amy: Learn what? how to be stupid? I don't think you understand what I'm saying, it's like being in prison, but instead of "Don't drop the soap" it's "Don't wear those nasty high heels or your asking for it."

Mary: "Asked for it?" No one ever asks for it, I don't think (cough, cough) clothes have anything to do with it. If anything, it's more about the mentality of (Cough, cough) the rapist, you know, how sick there mind is. Only ignorant people would care so much about how a woman is dressed.

Amy: I was out with my friends Sarah and Steve the other day, we were talking about recent politics,the candidates and what policies of theirs we agree on and which we don't. It was going fine until I brought up the only female running for presidency, my usually open minded friends bust out laughing.

MARY: (Cough, Cough) Maybe... It's hard to take her policies seriously.

Amy: No, it's hard to take anything about a woman running for president seriously. "She might have good policies, I can't remember what they are, but... honestly, have you seen how she dresses? she wore this purple business suit with matching purple heels and some slutty pink lipstick, how am I supposed to take that seriously Amy?" they said "And have you seen the size of her breasts, they're enormous and she's just flaunting them." they said.

Mary: I saw how she looked in the paper! she wasn't flaunting anything.

Amy: You know whose fault this is right? the younger third generation of women. You girls have too much freedom. Your generation thinks that they can dress and act how ever they want and either don't see or care about the repercussions that acting so free will bring judgment from society. It's like this third wave could care less about the struggles of the 1st and 2nd.

Mary: Society judges no matter what,(cough, cough) it could care less about what sex you are. As far as the whole "we don't care" bit, we do. It's just a different generation, which means different problems. Your generation didn't fix as much as you would have liked to. Yeah, your group (cough, cough) pointed out issues that were important, but that doesn't mean you fixed them. If your generation couldn't fix them, what makes (Cough, cough)you think it's going to be so easy for us.

AMY : You'd think after seeing what the 1st generation and 2nd generation did, you'd have more knowledge how to get things done. But no, all you care about is your "fight cancer" wristbands, "End rape" wristbands, and any other issue that you can slap on clothes or accessories. It's like your saying "let's not actually do anything about problems facing women instead, let's be aware and fashionable. What important issues has your generation came up with.

Mary: One of them is "Gay and lesbian rights" we fight for (cough, cough) that, if what I read is correct, the 2nd generation, for the most part, didn't want to have anything to do with that.

Amy: We thought lesbians were like a new trend.

Mary: (cough, cough)Who cares what you thought, your generation didn't do anything about it. Why are we even talking about women's rights and how they are treated because of their looks when our jobs selling make-up haven't really pushing the cause forward.

AMY: We sell make-up and lipstick for the woman trying to change the world, not the ones on the cover of "maxim" magazine!"

MARY: We sell lipstick though. (cough, cough)

AMY: Not trashy red!

Mary: We still sell make-up, what's the difference?

Amy: It wasn't made by the media, no fakeness. You don't see the difference because... you like playing the male fantasy.. don't you.

Mary: what?... listen, I'm tired, I think I'll go to bed, see you later. (cough, cough, cough, cough.)

AMY: Fine, I'll go... I didn't mean to get you riled up. I came here to give you some informat (takes out Mary's lipstick) let me put a second coat. See Mary, I'm not a doctor but I've seen the signs that you are showing from some female friends I once knew. Like you, they were all around twenty, these radical third generation women all died in the same hospital and I always made the same visit and doctor would always tell them the same thing... You're dying of cancer.

Mary: Cancer?! how? I don't unhealthy habits,(cough) I don't smoke.

AMY: I said we make "make-up" for the women on the go, I give you and other 3rd generation women on the go like you a specific type, can't find it on the market. Once they find out why they can't find it... it's too late!

Mary: You gave me cancer!

AMY: I have little branches of my business everywhere, haven't you ever thought it was strange all of my employees are in their late 40's. Except you and five other girls that seemed to have disappeared little by little. I tell the employees to make friends with them, they give them the lipstick and then we watch them get over a long period of time. They end up here eventually... and die, you seem like a nice girl Mary but, the third generation is a embarrassment to women's struggle. We don't need you, we don't like you.

Mary: Wait! who gave you the right to control life! who gave you the right to decide whats best for a race!.. can't (cough, cough) we talk! What if I call the cops!

Amy: My workers know where your family lives, we will do harm to them. Your death and many other 3rd generation women that we have killed, serve a greater purpose... At least you'll look pretty when you go.. bye

Lights fade out.




Created: Apr 12, 2014


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