Ready (Or Not) to Run (Poem Every Day 11.2)

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Is there something in the air tonight or is it just me?

I wanna pack up and leave this town and finally be free

A new name, a fresh start without expectations piled on

It’s long been a thought; now it’s time to respond


Who am I kiddin’? I ain’t leavin’

I’ve always had my reins pulled back tight

And though these reins feel more like chains,

Maybe it’s my conscience calling me to do what’s right

Is my discomfort with spontaneity fear or common sense?

All I know is beneath this sensible skin, I feel restless


Sometimes I feel the magnetic pull of a reckless, bold decision calling me,

But mostly I wonder if I could ever be free.



Author's Note: The prompt today was restlessness, which is a recurring theme in my life, so I've decided to write two poems about the all-too-familiar subject: "The Waiting Game" (Poem Every Day 11.1) and "Ready (Or Not) to Run" (Poem Every Day 11.2).

Created: Apr 11, 2014

Tags: restlessness, poetry, free, lyrics, restless, national poetry month, freedom, poem, inner conflict, fear, expectations, spontaneity, reckless, sensible, bold

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