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Replace our race with pterodactyls then retrace the origin of species all the way back with . . . A pigeon that’s right replace it with a pigeon. What a beautiful transformation from pigeon to pterodactyl, a great spectacle if that is what you’re after. A mighty lunge forward in sophisticated body parts, I know who you are. Exchange the eyewitness accounts during each and every time of doubt as they refrain themselves with black magic and mental clout. Vices of life surely we all have one, only try and replace it for just, like, one month. You’ll see that we’re pretty habit eaters, and dream wasters tasting the ether too many times. Lost within our generation this timeline is not straight either. It is a circle, a loop de loop in which our human patience is measured and featured again and again until we get it right. Make you think, monkey to man is not that grand in a bland ‘oh my goodness our origin story is boring.’ The atypical circular curvature of our dimension forcing peer review, it’s true it’s true.

Created: Apr 11, 2014

Tags: replace, poetry, fun, ecalper, should of wrote a short story, random, wootles, pterodactyls, zalenka, writing, wow, free-verse, 10min writing challenge, writing exercise

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