Silence (PED Day 11)

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True utter quiet.
A silence so total
That the air cushions a dropped pin

I want this silence to last
A very specific amount of time
I want it to last just long enough
For me to figure out everything

I want to lock myself in soundproof room
And not come out until the certainty of silence
is one with me

Then I want to leave my quiet room
To surround myself with opinionated idiots
So that I can laugh
At those who are uncomfortable with silence
Those who need to fill every void with adopted thought

And if they ask me why I laugh
I will tell them
That the joke
can only be found
In a silent room

They'll just shrug and go on
About what so and so said
Or this article they read
All the while uncertain
Of the opinions in their own head

Created: Apr 11, 2014

Tags: thought, silnce, free verse, poem, opinion, poetry

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